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Rick Blessing -Frank Sinatra Tribute ArtistHi,  I’m Rick Blessing, your Frank Sinatra tribute artist!  I’m throwing a party in the form of a new web site, and you’re all invited. I call it a “ring-a-ding-ding” celebration of the life and music of Frank Sinatra.

This “cat”, (as he was known to refer to others) was named Entertainer of The Century in 2000. “Why”, you might ask, was that the case?

To make it short and sweet, a skinny kid from Hoboken, New Jersey achieved the astounding feat of selling over 250 million records while “planning each charted course along the way” of a career in which he remained a “superstar” for fifty-six years.

You’re not sold yet? Dig this…

Mr. Sinatra had his first #1 hit in 1940. His last #1 hit was in 1980. In between those years he recorded over 4000 songs. Of those, he had a 156 hit singles, as well as 50 hit albums. Thirteen of those hits were in the top five.

He made the stunningly successful transition from performing to sold out crowds in night clubs throughout his formative years, to entertaining sold out stadiums and arenas in countries all over the world in his later years.

There came a time when his voice was no longer there. His memory for the lyrics also began to wain in concert. However, the sheer charisma, magnetism, and force of his presence, kept his millions of fans riveted throughout every performance. They were known to collectively sing the words of those well worn songs to help him whenever that happened. This is no fabrication.

Throughout the 50s’ and into the mid 60s’ he was the example and epitome of what a great majority of men in our major cities at that time considered to be “cool”, in as far as his recordings, impeccable dress, swagger, and personal life style were concerned. Women wanted to be with him, and men wanted to be like him.

That was a different era, and you might not agree with all of it, as our culture has gone through many changes since then. But the fact remains that in his day, he was “it”, and the whole of what was, couldn’t be summed up better than to quote his pal Dean Martin, who was often heard to say; “It’s Frank’s world… The rest of us just live in it.”

“So here is the celebration and tribute. On this web site, you’ll find a number of filmed and edited concerts and festivals I was a part of, from Northern to Southern  Colorado, where  I had the good fortune to perform many of Sinatra’s signature songs with the John Mills Orchestra, as well as the Front Range Jazz Lab Big Band (All members of the Famed  Air Force Academy Falconaires).”  Along with this, I’ve included the original posters, performance photos, and stories of things that went on before, during, and sometimes after these events.

If what’s on this site is your kind of joy ride, you came to the right place! In the future, as always, I’ll be adding new footage and photos along the way.

For me, this whole enchilada has been a swingin’ affair, and one fun expression of love. .. Or as Frank would say; “a gas, baby!”

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  • MB Hamilton

    Man, I hope you play the Rialto again; that’s a great venue, and you sound great in the video!

  • Rick Blessing is a wonderful singer and entertainer, and a real tribute to music and life of Frank Sinatra! I know this, because I have worked many many shows with him, and may I also say, he is a beautiful person!

  • Rick…!!!!!!! Fabulous!!!!!! This is SUPERB!! You’re swing’in!!!
    Love you babe!

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