Rialto Theater Concert

Rialto Theater Concert

The show at the historic Realto Theater was a real treat. Add that unique experience to the July weather in Colorado, and you’ve got a recipe for life long memories.

This beautiful edifice with it’s classic Deco architecture, was built in 1920, and was
touted as “The finest theater north of Denver”. As movie houses did back then, Loveland’s grand theater featured all the silent films of the day, with stars such as
Charlie Chaplin, and Rudolph Valentino. And as if that weren’t enough, the action on what was then called the “silver screen” was accompanied by a live orchestra. .. Not
bad, huh?

One foot note. When they were on tour, the Rialto also offered the public the chance to see the top Vaudeville stage acts from back east, like Al Jolson and W.C. Fields.

Like any other girl in show biz eventually does, she “went under the knife” for a face
lift in the thirties, and later another in the 90’s. That’s a lot of years and changes in
our American culture. Two world wars, a man on the moon, and the Age of Technology.

I thought about that, walking around the old dressing room, and standing in the wings
before joining John and the boys on that stage. .. The same stage that so many great
names in entertainment had graced so long ago.

I have no trouble getting into character when it comes to this timeless music, and the man that best represented it. But something about the Rialto gave the experience an added dimension. An extra gear that I think the band felt as well.

“The Way You Look Tonight” went down like Napolean Brandy. “I’ve Got You
Under My Skin” rumbled like the engine block of Mc Queen’s Mustang. And
“Street Of Dreams”? Well, “Street Of Dreams” was a freegin’ Rembrandt.

I hear they still show silent movies at the Rialto, along with today’s independent films. It’s a beautiful marriage of what was and what is. And I like that.