Testimonials from Jazz Mags., Big Band Leaders, & Others

All About Jazz Magazine – by Budd Kopman
“Rick Blessing is a wonderful vocalist and song writer so thoroughly in touch with the style of the fifties and sixties swinging jazz/pop singer!”

LA Jazz Scene by Jim Santella “I’m Just the Guy For You!” CD Review
“Rick Blessing sings fourteen of his original songs for this project that all reach his audience as if they were long affixed standards from the past.  His song writing skills have that effect.”“They’re the kind of tunes you whistle walking down the street.”

Glendale News Press – “All That Jazz”, by Joyce Randolph
“He’s a great singer. … Blessing instills in his act the same confidence Sinatra had and loves to kid around with the audience.”

The Front Range Jazz Lab Big Band
“Rick Blessing is the Colorado Springs answer for those of us who crave our doses of O’l Blue Eyes!”

Dotsero – Steve Watts Band Leader
“Rick Blessing is a Pro’s Pro., who happens to posses intangibles such as Enthusiasm, Creativity, Positive and Inspiring Attitude, with Great Team Work Skills. All of which make Rick extremely easy to work with and a delight to perform with.”
Steve Watts / DOTSERO

The John Mills Orchestra
A fine singer and entertainer. .. He fits Sinatra to a tee!”

The Pat Longo Hollywood Big Band.
“A very dynamic performer!

The Johnny Vana Big Band
“Rick carries that kind of charismatic persona that you just don’t see anymore!”

The Woody James Big Band
“He’s  got all the ingredients ..and then some!”

The Dick Sykes Big Band – Denis La Pron Band Leader
“A superb entertainer in the Sinatra tradition!”

The Jonathan Goldman Big Band
“The guy swings!”

Gill Moon 1310  KFKA, Greeley Colorado

“Having grown up in the time of the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen, I am always thrilled to see contemporary entainertainers pay tribute to these ‘Giants’, and Rick Blessing has taken this to a new high.  When Rick comes out on stage to honor Frances Albert Sinatra, you’d swear that he was ‘The Chairman of the Board’. Rick has studied the voice, the mannerisms, and swagger, giving us his ‘All’ with great confidence and ‘Gusto’.  Believe me, I’ve seen them all; Frank himself, Frank Jr., and a number of those who attempt to bring ‘The Voice’ and his era to life in these days, but there are none better than Rick Blessing. It’s like listening to ‘The Soundtrack of My Life’ all over again”

Michael Buckley, Editor in Chief of the Northern Colorado “50 Plus Marketplace News”
A showman in  the truest sense, Rick is a great entertainer!”

Laurie Beem Events Director of Saint Michael’s Town Square
“Rick puts on a fun Sinatra show and really engages his audience!”

Damon Smith, Director of My Favorite Bands Festival
“Mr. Blessing’s attention to craft and nuanced performance made a believer out of me. Once he is on stage, you realize you are in the presence of true talent. Rick is a real professional and a true joy to work with!”

Jill Taylor, PVHS Supervisor, Senior Services, Aspen Club
Lincoln Center performance; “A great show!”

Gail Fallon, Special Events Manager at Candelight Dinner Playhouse
“Rick’s charm, charisma, an undeniable talent will transport you back in time!”

Larry & Philiss Eaton, Peakview Jazz Club, Greeley Country Club
“We enjoyed your Sinatra tribute performance.  The evening was a wonderful remembrance of ‘Old Blue Eyes’!”

De Paul Sholen, a resident at Scholl Canyon Estates, Glendale, California
I worked closely with Frank Sinatra as a background singer on all his recordings and tours for over thirty years, and Rick Blessing gives by a landslide the best Sinatra show I have every seen! … If the old man would have been there, he would have cried!”

Mary Gonzales, Activity Director at Beverly Hills Carmel North
“I was a professional hoofer (dancer) for many years on stage as well as in film, and I have to say that Rick Blessing is a true performer from the old school of entertainment. What a great show!”